To amend Internet Explorer for eProject please optimize the following: Pop-Up Blockers, Trusted Sites and Install Components. To configure Internet Explorer for eProject you will need to allow ALL pop-ups for eProject. You can do this is one of two ways:

            1. Configure your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups for the eProject website
            2. Disable pop-up blockers entirely

The following instructions will configure your browser to allow pop-ups for the eProject website. After configuring the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer, if you still receive a warning message from the eProject application, verify your system has no other pop-up blockers installed. For example, if a Google Search bar is installed, it contains its own pop-up blockers that will need to be disabled as well. In some cases, anti-virus software can cause similar behaviour.

If you verify all pop-up blockers are disabled and you continue to have issues, check your system’s anti- virus logs to see if that software may be blocking the site from displaying. If the anti-virus software is blocking the installation, add the necessary exceptions.

Configure your blocker to allow pop-ups for eProject

1. Navigate to ‘Tools’, ‘Internet Options

2. Click the ‘Privacy Tab’ and ‘Settings

3. In the address bar enter “” click ‘Add’ then ‘Close

4. On the next screen click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ then ‘Close

Add as a Trusted Site (IE)

To optimize eProject on your computer, please add it as a trusted site.

1. Navigate to ‘Tools’ and ‘Internet Options’.

2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the ‘Security tab’, ‘Trusted Sites’, then ‘Sites’.

3. In the address bar enter “”, click ‘Add’, ‘Close’ then ‘OK’.

Add as a Trusted Site (IE)

In Internet Explorer, eProject requires the installation of ActiveX components. Before installing the components, ensure you have added eProject as a trusted site (as outlined in Step 1 – above). You will also need to Disable User Account Control settings before installing the components.

1. From your computer’s Control Panel (Start Menu > Control Panel), select User Accounts.

2. Click “Change User Account Control Settings” or “Turn User Account Control on or off” (Vista).

3. Click and drag the slide control to “Never Notify”. Click “Ok” and restart your computer. The computer must be restarted for the User Account Control changes to take effect.

Note: If you do not have administrative rights, allowing you to change your User Account Control settings, please contact your system administrator now. These settings should be restored after installing the eProject components.

4. Once your computer has restarted please return to Internet Explorer. Proceed to the eProject login screen and download the script located in the lower left of the login screen.

After installing these components your online viewer should be prepared.

Note: When first launching the online viewer, some systems may further prompt you with a security question asking you to allow “Chilkat Software” or “BravaClientXView” to run.

5. Return to your User Account Control Settings (Start Menu > Control Panel > User Accounts). Select User Account Control Settings and return the bar to its previous placement (likely “Default”). Click “Ok”.

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You are now ready to operate eProject through your browser!

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