eProject, hosted by TR Trades, is our online Planroom designed for large scale development projects. It allows you to easily manage all of your drawings, documents and correspondence, and is conviently hosted in the cloud. eProject streamlines the flow of information, improving your projects workflow and enhancing the overall collaboration process of your team. If you are a developer, architect, general contractor or an organization tasked with coordinating consultants, eProject can help your business.


Are you working with the latest version of the drawing?

Versioning: ensuring you stay current

If your current file is similar to a previous file, eProject will ask if you’d like your files to be versioned.

That file is then automatically labelled and reproduced as Version 2, Version 3, etc. This hassle-free option reduces the likelihood of your team working off of an old file.

Who has downloaded my file?

Audit Trails: mitigating legal liability and risk

eProject keeps a comprehensive audit trail of documents and correspondence, complete with sequencing, timing, and other details needed to resolve disputes.

You can easily track who logged in and see what files they uploaded or downloaded, what drawings they marked up or ordered prints of, or any number of other activities.

How can I simplify my tendering process?

Tendering: saving you time and money

Tendering can be tedious. eProject can make it easier.

Our flexible software allows you to easily manage file access privileges for every member of your team. Select who can view, edit, or print all the different components of your project, allowing you to accommodate multiple tenders for large projects.

What has changed in the updated drawing?

Drawings Overlays: notice the difference

eProject offers you the ability to overlay files, such as architectural drawings over structural drawings, automatically highlighting the differences quickly on site. Even if the viewports don’t match, eProject’s intuitive ‘grab and pull’ feature helps align the drawings, resulting in accurate overlays.

How can I share mark-ups on my drawings?

Mark-ups: enhancing communication

From highlighting areas to inserting comments and pictures, use eProject’s tools to clearly communicate with your team.

Can I set up my project so no one can delete files?

Permissions: full control

eProject lets you decide who can upload, download, edit, delete, and so much more. You can set these permissions by individual or by group/trade, giving you fast and robust control over the security of your files.

Can I get notified when a file is uploaded?

Notifications: no more waiting

eProject can notify you immediately when a file you are waiting for is uploaded or modified. Or easily message your team when you’ve revised a file, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

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