Need to turn your drawings into AutoCAD files?

Save yourself countless hours in redrawing files with TR Trades’ Raster to Vector services. Perhaps you have a hard copy of an original line drawing and don’t have the time and skills required to redraw it in AutoCAD. Or maybe your architect is requesting files of old drawings from a building that requires renovations. Perhaps you are just too busy and need workable files promptly! No problem, provide the original files or hardcopy drawings and allow our skilled technicians to reproduce your flattened work into vector workable line drawings.

“I have had great service with you and your staff. It is fantastic to have personal attention from you and whenever there are miscommunications they are dealt with promptly. Your staff is always more than accommodating to our needs. The quality of the end product is better than what we receive from your competitors. Please give you and your staff a pat on the back for how well you make us look.”

Sean Hemenway (Ashley Pryce Interior Design)

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