Posters are a great way to advertise an upcoming event, a sale, or even the opening of a new store! They’re also excellent for decoration purposes in your home or office. Our variety of media and finishing options allow you to customize your posters to suit the space and style of each project.

  • Standard Sizes

    18" x 24"

    24" x 36"

    36" x 48"

    24" x 79"

    33" x 84"

    60" x 120"

    Most media can print 60” by any length

  • Media

    Card Stock

    Heavy Bond

    Thin Bond

    Satin (Photographic)





    Single Sided

  • Finishing

    Gloss Lamination

    Matte Lamination

    Anti-Graffiti Lamination

    Interested in having your work mounted or framed? Visit our Mounting page, or call for details, 604.736.4571

  • Sides

    Single Sided

“TR Trades is extremely fast—they will always make sure our prints are done and delivered on time.”

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If you’re unsure of the most suitable output for your project, give us a call, our staff are happy to recommend the ideal process based on your requirements.

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