Lamination acts as a form of protection for your projects, preserving their condition and extending the life of the project. In addition to improving the project’s sturdiness and water resistance, lamination enhances its overall appearance. Our in-house laminators can even accommodate double-sided laminating up to 50”.

  • Finish


  • Gloss

    Gloss lamination brings a shine or “wet” finish to projects, allowing colours to truly pop with added contrast and sharpness. There is potential for glare depending on lighting.

  • Matte

    Matte lamination offers discreet protection with a soft, glare-free appearance. A matte finish can add a luxurious edge to projects.

  • Anti Grafitti

    Investing in anti-graffiti laminating guarantees the protection of your projects from a variety of stains and chemicals. Repeated defacing can easily be removed without damaging the project.

“For decades now, the ownership, management, and staff have been so good and are still in our neighbourhood. They all mean a lot to me and have always been a big help.”

June Katz (June Katz Music + Design)

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