We’re dedicated to the perfection of reproducing your originals—using the latest photographic inkjet technology to bring true colour and accuracy to your fine art.


  • Resale artwork or photography
  • Gallery exhibition pieces
  • Restoring & reproducing existing originals

Popular media

  • Watercolour
  • Smooth Bonds
  • Satin
  • Canvas

Unrivaled Colour Quality

  • Widest colour gamut in the industry, achieved through a broad selection of High Dynamic Range inks, including orange and green
  • Authentically consistent prints with no colour crossover or colour cast
  • Unrivalled black optical density, achieved through 3-level black ink technology; black, light black and light-light black ink applied simultaneously
  • Extremely fine blends and tonal transitions, particularly in highlight-to-shadow details

Superior Quality, Clarity & Versatility

  • Technology capable of reproducing the most demanding photography
  • Amazingly sharp text and line art
  • Will not create photographic graininess
  • Compatible with virtually any media type

Come in and ask to see our Epson Sample Media book! We’re happy to speak to you about our Epson’s extraordinary printing capabilities.

What is giclee?

Giclee printing is a type of inkjet printing synonymous with greater quality and a longer lifespan. Giclee is advantageous for reproducing work as it offers the benefits of digital printing, such as; fast turnaround, smaller runs and less labour, while maintaining supreme quality.
There are three key factors that differentiate giclee printing from traditional inkjet prints:

1. Resolution

Documents that are to be printed as a giclee require a minimum DPI of 300. This guarantees that the document possesses adequate resolution to print the finest details. To reproduce your existing photography or artwork, we use our high quality scanners to ensure this resolution is achieved when items are scanned for print.

2. Archival quality paper

With giclee, your artwork or photography is printed on archival quality paper or alternative archival substrates. The quality of this grade of paper allows you to achieve giclee’s longevity, adhesion and colour quality.

3. Giclee quality inks

Giclee prints are created using specialty high-quality inks, typically on large format printers. High Dynamic Range inks offer a vastly increased life span with better colour quality upon final output. Our giclee printer meets the highest standards by offering the widest colour gamut in the industry.

“To all the great people of TR: Day in and day out you have delivered above and beyond the call of duty with the end result making myself and the firm look good. For that, I thank you guys deeply.”

Rafael Santa Ana (Acton Ostry Architects Inc.)

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