Digital photo restoration transforms your dated or damaged photographs into modern, crisp and clear images—bringing them back to life.

It all starts with a high resolution scan on a precisely calibrated specialty scanner. The scanning process is critical as it ultimately determines the restorations potential.

TR Trades trained graphic artists perform a series of Photoshop functions which can turn your old photographs into new, or give your new photographs an old look.

Typical restoration pieces:

  • Old family photos and portraits
  • Damaged artwork
  • Adding/removing signatures and other components

“I just wanted to say how AWESOME TR Trades is!! I sent in a job last night at around 5:45pm—it was urgent as we realized we needed it right away and I requested it for 10:30am this morning. It arrived at 10am looking perfect and exactly what we need for an event we have today. This isn’t a one off—you guys always come through for us like this and I keep meaning to say thank for all the hard work. TR Trades’ reliability is second to none and we will continue to send all these jobs to you because you never disappoint. Thanks for always making us look good to our buyers, clients, investors, etc!!”

Nicole Mckay (Polygon Homes)

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Other Design Services

TR Trades caters to simple layouts and graphic design components prior to printing.

Services we offer (subjective to TR discretion):

  • Christmas card setup
  • Oversized card setup
  • Business card setup and editing
  • Adding text to images prior to printing
  • Other basic design

We’re regularly trusted with handling and restoring fragile personal and professional projects. Come in and visit us to discuss your project needs.

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