TR Trades has a vested interest in keeping as many deliveries as possible in-house, giving us and our client’s full control of jobs. With a large fleet of vehicles, TR Trades is on standby to deliver your drawings and projects to your clients on schedule. Whether you have a 4pm city deadline or need your tender drawings separated and sent around the Lower Mainland, our skilled dispatch team is capable of getting the final product to your client on time and on budget.

Job Pickup

Call our dedicated pickup line at 604.736.8341 to have one of our drivers pick up your originals to be scanned, copied or referenced. Please send the instructions for your job via our Online Direct FTP or attach the top two pages of your office’s order book. Alternatively, include all the instructions and contact information with your hard copy order.

Recycling Pickup

Do you have a collection of cardboard tubes that you want to recycle? Give our dispatch team a call and we will swing by, pickup the materials and recycle them on your behalf as part of our Sustainable Initiatives program.

Delivery Terms & Conditions

TR Trades Reproduction Ltd. makes every effort to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Driver’s are equally committed to delivering jobs on time, however, late or missed deliveries due to heavy traffic or other circumstances beyond our control are not covered by insurance. When goods leave our premises, insurance coverage becomes the customers responsibility. Should a shipment be damaged or lost in transit, claims are limited to the dollar value of the job. Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted includes a single shipment, without storage, FOB reprographic firm’s shop.

“I work with TR Trades for one reason –peace of mind. They know how to meet critical deadlines for major public events and they get the work done on time, correctly, and within budget. For these reasons I have confidently recommended TR Trades to a number of departments for a variety of projects at Simon Fraser University, as well as to other associates in Vancouver. TR Trades has completed a wide range of projects for SFU including large format aerial photos, mass produced brochures, campus development documents and unique creative arts projects. I believe the successful delivery of this range of project types lies in their team’s commitment to finding customized solutions. I actually look forward to the special projects that truly capitalize on the skills of their team and bring our creative efforts to life. Many of our projects have countless requirements and usually are required in a rush. TR Trades delivers with quality and speed.”

Elizabeth Starr (Simon Fraser University)

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