When you’ve already got multiple properties to manage, the last thing you need to worry about is printing. Allow us to make the process simple and straightforward for you while ensuring your materials stand out.

Crisp Black & White Prints

  • Get it done: We offer same to next day turn-around
  • Get it there: Dedicated document delivery & pick up services

Large Format Engineering Prints

  • White & coloured bonds, 30% recycled
  • Vellum, mylar, acetate, copytuff or watercolour
  • Media up to 60” by any length

Small Format Specification Prints

  • Large binder jobs with complex specifications
  • Media up to 13” by 27.5”


  • Our large and small format scanners create high resolution images of your documents
  • Dedicated document delivery & pick up services
  • Confidential document recycling

Digital Archiving

  • Cataloging and file labelling services; titled logi- cally and systematically per your request
  • Save files to your choice of FTP, DVD, USB or external hard drive

Outdoor Signs, Leasing & Building Signs

  • Same to next day turnaround
  • Installation & removal services
  • Weatherproof signs
  • Anti-graffiti laminates
  • Window wraps
  • Cut window vinyl
  • Sandwich boards

Colour Printing

  • Large format prints; safety notices, posters, banners, etc.
  • Small format prints & booklets; direct mail, flyers, folded brochures
  • Mounting, laminating & binding

Graphic Design

  • Have an idea? Let’s make it happen! Colour? Black and white? Large or small; we love it all!
  • Work with our in-house graphic design team to create custom print materials

“I work with TR Trades for one reason –peace of mind. They know how to meet critical deadlines for major public events and they get the work done on time, correctly, and within budget. For these reasons I have confidently recommended TR Trades to a number of departments for a variety of projects at Simon Fraser University, as well as to other associates in Vancouver. TR Trades has completed a wide range of projects for SFU including large format aerial photos, mass produced brochures, campus development documents and unique creative arts projects. I believe the successful delivery of this range of project types lies in their team’s commitment to finding customized solutions. I actually look forward to the special projects that truly capitalize on the skills of their team and bring our creative efforts to life. Many of our projects have countless requirements and usually are required in a rush. TR Trades delivers with quality and speed.”

Elizabeth Starr (Simon Fraser University)

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We speak your language—our sales and production staff know the industry from the ground up. Contact our sales department to discuss your specific project needs.

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