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eProject, hosted by TR Trades, is our online Planroom designed for large scale development projects. It allows you to easily manage all of your drawings, documents and correspondence, and is conviently hosted in the cloud. eProject streamlines the flow of information, improving your projects workflow and enhancing the overall collaboration process of your team. If you are a developer, architect, general contractor or an organization tasked with coordinating consultants, eProject can help your business.


Are you working with the latest version of the drawing?

Versioning: Work Off Of Current Drawings

If your current file has similar properties to the previous file, eProject will ask if you would like your files to be versioned. That file is then reproduced as a V2, V3, etc., reducing the likelihood of your team working off of an old file.

Who has downloaded my file?

Audit Trails: Mitigate Legal Liability and Risk

Especially when deployed early in the project lifecycle, eProject helps to keep a comprehensive audit trail of documents and correspondence, complete with sequencing, timing, and other details needed for resolving disputes. Track who logged in and uploaded, downloaded, ordered prints, marked up drawings or any other activity you are interested in tracking.

How can I simplify my tendering process?

Tendering: Save Time & Money

Tendering can be a tedious process. It is difficult and nearly impossible to gauge large tender response rates with general FTP sites, email, and other available programs. Tendering can be customized to your individual needs through TR Trades’ eProject; with abilities to lock off certain permissions, allowing select people to view, download, and print files. Whether you want to know exactly who downloaded your files and when, or if your soul focus is simplicity, our flexible tendering process can be tailored for your accounts.

Throughout your projects, allow eProject to ensure your trades are kept up to date as files change with project notifications. eProject informs you who has viewed your projects, helping to keep trades accountable, while making it easy to accommodate multiple tenders for large projects.

What has changed in the updated drawing?

Drawings Overlays: Easily Identify Changes

Having the ability to overlay files gives onsite technicians fast data to answer questions which previously had to be answered (and still are) with mylar and vellum overlays being rushed to the site. eProject gives the user the ability to overlay different files (such as an architectural drawing overtop of a structural engineering drawing) for easy and quick comparison. Even if the viewports are not ‘initially’ the same size, eProject’s intuitive grab and pull feature allows for rapid drawing scalability resulting in properly aligned viewports for accurate overlays. This will visually highlight any changes between drawings or files.

How can I share mark-ups on my drawings?

Mark-ups: Highlight and Share Changes

eProject’s mark-up feature gives you the ability to markup drawings with a variety of tools. From highlighting areas to inserting text and pictures, use the tools to clearly communicate pertinent information to your project team. With the ability to save the markups to the project or export them as a PDF and email them as a file attachment, these tools have eliminated the need to scan and print redline markups.

Can I set up my project so no one can delete files?

Permissions: File Access Control

eProject offers your business full protection by giving you complete control over user privileges. You decide who can upload, download, create markups, manage folders, delete files, and so much more. Permissions and abilities can be set per individual user or per group/trade, giving users the abilities they require to be productive without risking having pertinent files accidentally deleted, moved, renamed, etc. This function greatly reduces the risk of human error and mitigates potential legal liabilities.

As key consultants on a project can quickly and unexpectedly change, eProject’s file access control abilities are integral to maintaining solid control over your project.

Can I get notified when a file is uploaded?

Notifications: Make Decisions Faster

Receive up to the minute notifications when a file you are waiting for is uploaded. Also, notify your team members of new file uploads with the benefit of being able to attach a message.

“I just wanted to extend a very big thank you for your efforts Tuesday morning on printing and mounting the UDP presentation panels. Your team was courteous, professional, and worked even more quickly than we could have asked them to in light of our pressing deadline. The quality of the prints and panels were exceptional. Many thanks and kudos for a job well done.”

Mike Mammone (Francl Architecture)

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