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Owner & Sales Manager

Having worked in the family business since before she can remember, Carla is a natural when it comes to helping customers visualize and accomplish their printing goals. Led by her passion for sales and customer relations, Carla decided to pursue an education in Marketing Management from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Armed with the skills and experience she gained through learning the industry from the bottom up, she went on to obtain a degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, with a double major in Management Technology and Human Resources. Since then, Carla has continued to pursue further education by completing sales courses at BCIT.

Carla, with her sister Danielle, is at the core of what TR Trades’ stands for—reliable quality and service, above all else. Wanting to preserve the values that their father, Harold, built TR Trades around, Carla and Danielle are regularly seen at the front desk, in production, or answering the phones, making sure that quality remains consistent.

If you’re looking to discuss your printing needs and how we can more effectively help your business grow, Carla is your go-to person. Her familiarity with systems, equipment, products and services allows her to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service, utilizing the best technology and products. When it comes to understanding customers’ business needs, Carla works closely with clients to understand what is important to them and make sure that they get exactly that.

Also goes by: Chow-Face

Favourite place in Vancouver: Granville Island or the Aquarium

During her free time you can find her: Baking, gardening, working out, at the beach & hanging out with family, especially her son

Ideal meal: Sushi and ice-cream

What gets her motivated in the morning: Breakfast

Contact Me

“If you’re looking for an alternative option to your current print supplier, please call my cell at 604.376.7803. I would love to speak with you about how we can help your business.

604.736.4571 x 121


Owner & Vice President

At an early age, Danielle got her first taste for print. During each of her school’s professional development days, she would eagerly shadow her father at the family business, TR Trades. Whether she was sweeping the sidewalks or folding piles of binding strips, she was exposed to the diversity of the print industry and was instantly hooked. As soon as Danielle grew tall enough to feed the whiteprint machines she was occasionally granted the privilege of spending the day running 500 posters on the old ammonia equipment with a manual clicker—a responsibility she didn’t take lightly.

Upon completing high school, Danielle began working fulltime at TR Trades. Beginning in reception, she graduated through every role within the business; largely operating as the shop’s production manager and ultimately taking over general management and human resources. Over the years Danielle has supplemented her hands-on experience by studying management, sales and graphic design; becoming proficient in the Adobe Suite and AutoCAD. This combined knowledge and experience allowed Danielle to develop processes within TR Trades that assured each and every client received top quality service and products. Danielle has since pursued further education at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

With a lifetime of experience and the respect of her staff, Danielle is the go-to person for clients seeking unique custom pieces, including hand mounted, custom trimmed, specialty bound projects or oversized scans that need to sparkle. On any given day you’re likely to find Danielle either at the front counter or overseeing staff on the production floor. As a hands on manager and multitasker, she has her finger on the pulse of all the happenings of the shop at any given time. Danielle considers her staff family, and regularly emphasizes their importance to her and the business as a whole.

Outside of 12 hour work days, Danielle enjoys boating with her husband, Chris, and her father, Harold; taking annual trips to Alaska and Haida Gwaii. A business woman by trade, Danielle is truly a boater at heart and is at her best while fishing the seas and discovering glass floats along shorelines. When not on the water, you can find her at home in Ladner cuddling with her cat, Slurpee, or indulging in high-quality sushi.

Favourite place in Vancouver: On the boat, somewhere with no technology—aka not Vancouver!

During her freetime you can find her: Boating, fishing, exploring, beach combing or building things (cars, boats, etc)

Ideal meal: Salmon sashimi

What gets her motivated in the morning: Enjoying her job—working with the TR team and clients to provide excellent products and services

“Bruce has always provided excellent customer service.”

InterCAD Services Ltd.


CAD & eProject Manager

When you meet Bruce you automatically know he is a seasoned professional in the reprographics industry. Starting out as a driver for Hughes Owens Printing in 1978, he eventually transitioned to Trimen Blueprinting where he acted as a reprographics technician for 13 years.

With the onset of the digital era in 2000, TR Trades hired Bruce as CAD Manager. Since then he has been an invaluable asset to the company and anyone who has questions regarding CAD plotting.

When Bruce is not overseeing others in the CAD department, he spends countless hours troubleshooting client issues, unearthing customer print errors, and providing eProject software support. He is regularly looked to for printing advice by both coworkers and clients.

Bruce is also well versed in troubleshooting onsite issues and participating in client presentations, having assisted Carla and TR sales staff in many client meetings. If you’re looking for a history lesson on the print industry or if you want to optimize your drawings for print, you’ll want to call on Bruce.

Many may not know, but Bruce is a musician at heart! He originally studied engineering and math, eventually realizing it was not the career path he wished to pursue. Following this, Bruce went on to complete both a music program and a piano technician program through Douglas College. During his spare time, you’ll find him creating music or acting as a vocalist in several bands. When he is not playing the guitar and recording music, you can find Bruce tinkering around on one of his computers or watching hockey.

Also goes by: Stretch

Best described as: Humble

Favourite place in Vancouver: Minnekhada, Coquitlam

Guilty pleasure: Audio software

Favourite TV show: Hockey

Ideal meal: Mac & cheese (with ketchup)

Cannot live without: Music

“Tony Smith has always been great to work with and we have always appreciated his care and service to our needs, big and small.”

DYS Architecture



Senior Account Manager

You would think that Tony’s 30+ years at TR Trades would be the extent of his printing experience, but the truth is, Tony has been working in the industry since he graduated high school… 40 years ago! Back then Tony was operating the offset press, but after 10 years he took a hiatus to study arts at Langara College. Unable to stay away for long, in 1985 he began working at TR Trades where he continued to build on his 10 years of production experience.

Driven by the importance of his client relationships and satisfaction, Tony builds solid trust with his clients through his vast knowledge and reliability. Tony strives to develop and maintain his client relationships to the highest degree, while promoting a business environment that allows both parties to prosper. Throughout his years at TR Trades, he has pursued further growth by completing sales and AutoCAD courses at BCIT while fulfilling his appreciation for architecture in his free time.

When not working with clients, he is likely to be found on the fairway and boasts “moments of golfing brilliance, punctuated with instances of utter failure”, a true testament to the humble sense of humour that makes Tony so approachable. His experience allows him to utilize and leverage TR’s modern technology and quality products to confidently facilitate printing for some of Canada’s largest AEC businesses. Whether a small or large client, Tony will work closely with you and your team to understand and achieve your printing priorities and goals.

Also goes by: Smitty

Interests include: Golf and travel

Guilty pleasure: Mariah Carey

Favourite TV show: Hockey Night in Canada

What gets him motivated in the morning: A second cup of coffee

Ideal meal: Ossobuco with fries and Barolo

“McKenzie is always eager to respond and help. Great customer service as always!”

Smart Design Group


Account Manager

McKenzie joined the TR team with a solid foundation of experience in the print industry. His career began in production, where he developed his skills in maintenance, operations and finishing. Quickly recognized for his talent, initiative and charisma, McKenzie was promoted to Production Lead. At the helm of the production team, he proved a natural leader and infected the team with his positivity and work ethic.

After building his knowledge leading the production team, McKenzie progressed into the Sales department, honing his sales skills under the leadership of Carla Duncan and TR’s customer focused approach. His natural penchant for customer service and dedication to quality assurance proved an ideal fit for the TR sales team where McKenzie now functions as Account Manager.

Never one to rest on his laurels, McKenzie enhanced his knowledge with sales courses at BCIT and can regularly be seen applying his skills throughout the shop. Don’t be surprised to find him supporting the finishing department, assisting clients at the front desk, or onsite ensuring installations surpass customer expectations.

Also goes by: Mac

Interesting fact about McKenzie: He can be found on Wikipedia

Best described in 3 words as: Loyal, funny and stubborn

Cannot live without: His back massager

Quote he lives by: “When you look at someone through rose-coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like flags” – Wanda the Owl



Production Supervisor

Also goes by: Maegatron

During her freetime you can find her: Running… or snacking

Favourite place in Vancouver: Charleson Park at dawn

Soundtrack to her life: Yakety Sax

Cannot live without: Coffee

Guilty pleasure: Neko Atsume

Best described in 3 words as: Very easily excited


Graphics Manager

Favourite place in Vancouver: Any beach

Guilty pleasure: Fine dining

Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones

Ideal meal: Anything from Le Cinq… or Paris in general

Cannot live without: Peanut butter

Best described in 3 words as: Friendly, happy and spontaneous


Graphics Operator

Also goes by: J-Roc

Secret talent: Hacky-sacking

Favourite place in Vancouver: His basement suite, or La Taqueria

Interests include: Drawing, photography, snowboarding, film, not working out

Guilty pleasure: Betty White

Best described in 3 words as: Prone to sunburns


Graphics Operator

Also goes by: Nick

Secret talent: Talking to animals

Interests include: Walking, art, photography, hiking, hanging with her pals, being outside and coffee

Favourite place in Vancouver: All of it!

She cannot live without: Pockets

Quote she lives by: “The more you know, the less you need” – Yvon Chouinard


Graphics Operator

Interests include: Reading and video games

Soundtrack to her life: Stella – Kashiwa Daisuke

Ideal meal: Double belly tsukemen ramen with egg

She cannot live without: A good story


Customer Service Manager

Favourite place in Vancouver: Any beach/park

Car or bike?: Scooter

Ideal meal: Homemade red pepper hummus and pita

Coffee or tea?: Coffee

During his freetime you can find him: Zipping around on his scooter or cheering on the Canucks

Soundtrack to his life: Anything Pink Floyd


Xerox Operator

Also goes by: Pari

Best described as: A people person

Favourite place in Vancouver: Stanley Park

Guilty pleasure: Sweets; ice-cream

Favourite TV show: Dragons’ Den

Ideal meal: Chicken wings

What gets her motivated in the morning: Her coworkers and customers


CAD Operator

Also goes by: Lee, Celine Leon or Leon-prechaun

Favourite place in Vancouver: New Brighton Park

Guilty pleasure: Snacking at night

Soundtrack to his life: Back to the Future theme song

Cannot live without: Food, oxygen… and his Android

What gets him motivated in the morning: Coffee… then more coffee


CAD Operator

Also goes by: Miguel (having lived and worked in Queretaro, Mexico)

Favourite place in Vancouver: Deep Cove, North Vancouver

Best described in 3 words as: Friendly, empathetic and dependable

Ideal meal: Rack of lamb, roasted savory potatoes and Yorkshire pudding

Interests include: Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, teaching English, volunteering with Mexican and Hispanic communities and translating between Spanish and English


CAD Operator


CAD Operator


CAD Operator

Also goes by: Kiwi

Favourite TV show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ideal meal: Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell

Interests include: Photography and concerts; ideally combined!

Interesting fact about Kelli: In grade 9, she placed 10th in the Wellington City spelling bee

Quote she lives by: “Just keep swimming” – Dory



Digital Incoming Coordinator

Also goes by: Ginger one/New girl

Favourite place in Vancouver: Kits Beach

Interests include: Yoga, travel, people watching (in a non-creepy way), eating

Secret talent: Baking

Coffee or tea?: Tea (milk, one sugar) – obviously, she’s British

Quote she lives by: “Never trust anyone who makes a bad cup of tea.”


Controller & Office Manager

On his days off you can find John: Watching old movies and visiting art galleries

Favourite place in Vancouver: Stanley Park Seawall

Guilty pleasure: Ice-cream

Car or bike?: Bike… until it snows

Cannot live without: Clean water, fresh air and wide open spaces


Director of Marketing

Also goes by: Carr, Car-Car

Favourite place in Vancouver: Choklit Park

Interests include: Design, architecture, fashion, hiking, travel and languages

Car or bike?: Bike in the sunshine, roadtrips in the car

What gets her motivated in the morning: Coffee and sunshine






Best described as: Dependable

Favourite place in Vancouver: Rocky Point, Port Moody

Interesting fact about Salim: Represented Tanzania in cricket

Ideal meal: Large veggie pizza, extra jalapenos

Favourite TV show: Survivor (which he’s watched since Season 1)

What gets him motivated in the morning: Knowing he will spend the day working with his second family



Also goes by: Luke

Interests include: Badminton, ping pong, video games and movies

Favourite place in Vancouver: Metrotown

Ideal meal: Anything with ham, sausage and egg

Favourite TV show: The Flash



Also goes by: Milo

Favourite place in Vancouver: Whistler

Interests include: Football (aka soccer), “glamping” and snowboarding

Interesting fact about Miles: Played for Gillingham FC and coached for Arsenal

Guilty pleasure: Frozen, the movie

Best described in 3 words as: Comical, goober, lad