About Us

In 1969, TR Trades Reproduction established itself as the preferred printer of Vancouver’s top architectural and engineering firms. Since then, we have expanded to become a leading print provider for professionals of every industry, including education, hospitality, and interior design. Combining dedicated customer service and industry-leading technology, we are committed to producing the highest quality products as quickly as our clients need them.

Teamwork is the foundation of our success. Our thriving work environment is the result of communication, encouragement, and ongoing education, and we believe that this positivity elevates everything we do. Located in the heart of Kitsilano, TR Trades is eager to give back to the community that supported us for nearly 50 years. In addition to advocating for local charities, providing material for children’s arts programs, and our own sustainability initiatives, we are always looking for new ways to improve the world around us.

Our ever-growing line of services includes CAD printing, fine art printing, presentation boards, outdoor signage, scanning, digital restoration, a wide range of small format products, and so much more. To put it another way: if it can be printed, we will make it amazing.

Mission Statement

We strive to continually earn the trust of our clients with fast, reliable service and the highest standards for our printed products.



  • Superior Customer Service
    We believe in going the extra mile at every step. From the design of our online systems to the delivery of our products, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we aren’t happy until you are.
  • Employee Empowerment
    Each and every job we produce is unique, and we rely on our staff to use their own professional discretion when anything seems like it may be inaccurate. With ongoing training and years of industry experience, our team is encouraged to communicate with clients, helping to foster a sense of direct engagement with the people and projects that are important to all of us.
  • Quality
    The appearance of your project is as important as its content, and that’s where we excel. We set the highest standards for our products, and our top-of-the-line equipment helps us achieve the results we expect – and the results you need – over and over again.
  • Innovation
    In a world of constant change, we believe innovation drives success. Through regular initiatives such as industry research, annual trade show conventions, and listening to the needs of our clients, we are able to continue to lead the trade printing industry with new products and strategies.
  • Teamwork
    Our open-concept shop means more than just the layout of the building. We don’t want walls between us, we want to be able to freely discuss our work and ideas together. That’s what teamwork means to us; a group of skilled people collaborating within a shared vision of excellence.
  • Sustainability
    In an industry where our choices have a direct environmental impact, we need to make every effort to remain as sustainable as possible. From our equipment and materials to our operations and values, we are committed to improving how we do business.
  • Technology
    As in most industries, reprographics technology is always improving, and we are proactive with sourcing the latest equipment and software available. For us, this means extensive research and regular communication with vendors; for you, this means we will only ever deliver the best possible products.

Our History

Founder Harold Duncan in the 90s[/caption]TR Trades Reproduction was established in 1969 by Ron Tomilson and Jack Richardson, the ‘T’ and ‘R’ of the company name. Two months after opening, Harold Duncan was hired as a delivery driver, and a year later he bought Jack and Ron out. Now at the head of the company, Harold joined the International Reprographics Association and began traveling extensively, visiting hundreds of reprographics shops across North America. He saw how they were operating and what kind of equipment they were using, and immediately incorporated what he learned into his business.

Over the next several years, business was booming. In 1976, TR Trades moved to its present location at 1744 West 4th Avenue, and then continued to expand into the adjacent lots surrounding it. Within a decade, with a footprint of 17,000 square feet, the company owned nearly half a city block!

As pioneers in Vancouver’s reprographics industry, TR Trades was the first to adopt digital printing and the first to introduce clients to high-speed modems. In the early ‘90s, TR Trades purchased the world’s most advanced copier at the time – the Canon Colour T – making them the first in Vancouver to offer high-speed colour copies. As more architects and engineers moved toward colour line prints, TR Trades purchased one of the first large format colour inkjet printers available in Western Canada, and as soon as large format colour scanning technology was available, it too was incorporated into the company’s already impressive workflow.

Harold Duncan announced his retirement in 2010, and his daughters Danielle and Carla transitioned into ownership. Having already spent their entire lives in the industry, they were able to combine this extensive hands-on experience with education, and the company continued to thrive. In 2014, TR Trades proudly celebrated its 45th anniversary, which means 50 years is right around the corner!

At TR Trades, we recognize that our team is our success. With our focused staff, some of which have been with the company since the beginning, we continue a long tradition of being industry leaders. We are still as active as ever watching for emerging technology and trends, always ready to grow and improve. And now that you know the company’s history, we invite you to contact us today and join us for the future!

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