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TR Trades Reproduction was founded in 1969 as a blueprint company. Since then we have grown and expanded into one of Vancouver’s leading reprographic firms. Backed by fourty five years experience, we have developed a long standing reputation for commitment to quality and exemplary customer service.

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It is important to understand the difference between RGB and CMYK when preparing files for print. There are complex factors behind why your printed images appear different from what you see on-screen, however, we will discuss how to minimize or avoid these discrepancies.

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Tailor Your Project With Expert Finishing

We specialize in a variety of finishing options, allowing you to tailor each and every project to your unique specifications.

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Keep It Natural

We make every effort to remain as sustainable as possible throughout our operations, equipment and materials! Interested in our eco-friendly alternatives or want to learn more about how you can prioritize sustainability?

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Our online order system “Direct FTP” is the most efficient way to send print instructions and file attachments for printing at TR Trades.

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Let’s get everyone working on the same page! It’s a planroom, but not just a planroom! eProject is “collaboration without limits”.

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Full Colour

Trust TR Trades to transition your most versatile colour projects from digital to print with our competitive print technology.

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Need office supplies? Visit our online store, The Shop, to order paper, vellum, etc. with delivery options available.

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